confessions of a narcissist

May 3, 2011 | 17 Comments


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  • Jocelyn

    Hi! I was an early adopter of the 365 project on Flickr in 2006. I participated for two years, but kept myself as the subject for many photos on Flickr until a year or two ago. The full scope of the project was valuable in every way. At the time, I wanted to document a year in my life – I’d lost my Mom in 2006 and starting a photo project for me felt really indulgent. It was really therapeutic – I documented all the things. Like the blog post you shared, I consider these photos an opportunity to grow into myself, and a more accurate perception of who I really am, whether I liked that photo at the time or not.

    What’s really cool, now, is looking back on the photos and I’m full of questions to myself – especially when I see pics that I hated then that I love now.

    So, never shy away from self portraits but I want to encourage you to post a pic on bad days and good days. It’s a document, right?

    • Shannon

      Yes! I write about this in another entry: trying to be okay with whatever pictures show up of me. Did you read that one? If not, I can try to find it. It’s really interesting to hear the impact that project had on you. Thanks for validating my picture-taking frenzied self. :)

  • Annabelle

    1. You are SO GORGEOUS

    2. I hate seeing pictures of myself

    3. No but seriously SO PRETTY.

    4. I think everyone does the whole only-publishing-good-pictures-of-themselves!

    • Shannon

      1. THANK YOU

      2. I love it, if they’re good. Does that make me weird? I’m sad when I miss out on being in a pic.

      3. But seriously THANK YOU.

      4. Phewf! I thought so… but, when you live in your own head so much you’re never really sure.

      5. Thanks for showing up here so much and for cheering me on and challenging me and being super smart and writey.

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