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September 1, 2012 | 47 Comments

Emma sitting on stairs thinking

Three days before school starts is exactly when Martha Stewart recommends you give back-to-school shopping a think, and so of course Emma and I were discussing school clothes this morning. I blurted out that we should thrift for new clothes. And hey, why not commit to doing that all year long! Both of us!

Before my “oh shit” sank in, Emma squealed in agreement and I tweeted:

tweet: What are your thrifting secrets? Just committed to no new clothes for a year

My thrift-savvy friends showed up at my FB door with their best tips and tricks. It’s maybe ridiculous that I don’t know the first thing about thrifting, but it’s not something I’ve ever done. My mom ordered most of my clothes from the Sears catalogue growing up, which explains some of my shopping deficiencies. As an adult, I’ve been a mall shopper. I have friends who LOVE stores like Winners, but oh my god that place makes me feel like someone sprung a triathlon on me. Throw me in an air-traffic control room and I’ll come off more competent.

Fashion isn’t my forté, so I tended to buy whatever store mannequins modelled. That was until I met my friend and shopping muse, Cindy. But she was selfish and stayed in Alberta when we moved to BC. And without Cindy I’m dressing like Junie B. Jones, so thank god she’s cool.

But, a girl can learn, right?

That’s one new thing I’ll be trying this year.

Another is gluten-free eating. My primary motivation for giving up gooey, sticky cinnamon buns and perogies is to see if it will make a dent in my chronic fatigue and/or depression. I’m on day 12 of this little adventure and it’s been surprisingly manageable. I’m not back at work yet where I will be surrounded by women who love to stock the staffroom with white food; we’ll see how my resolve holds up starting Tuesday. I’m enjoying the fruits, vegetables and nuts I’ve been eating that I don’t normally. I feel hungry less often and it’s a nice mental boost to know I’m doing good things for future me. I anticipated feeling pouty and deprived, but thanks to the internet, there is a bounty of tasty, gluten-free indulgences.

And then there’s this place. This big, fat, bloggy amusement park of mine. It’s my favouritest. You guys, I’m writing! Well, maybe not right now. I’m boring you, me and the zombies right now. BUT STILL, IT’S LETTERS THAT MAKE WORDS AND THEY ARE ALL MINE.

During the school year I rarely even pick up a book I’m so tired. This makes me concerned for the impact work will have on my blog, but I’m optimistic I’ll find a way. Who’s stopping me?

Steve’s been working on me to go car-free, but I’m all, “Dude, let me first mourn the loss of shopping malls and pizza pockets before you take away my wheels!” Although it would be pretty great to have that alloy monkey off our backs.

I’m close to being ready.


Sort of.

In theory.

Used clothing, better eating, writing, and car-free contemplation should make for an interesting year. Yay for new things.

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