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September 7, 2012 | 49 Comments

Funny close up of two boys and a girl with makeup

Today’s NaBloPoMo prompt was unsparkly. Instead I leave you with this archive from July 15, 2009 (Emma was six years old).

Emma: Mom, did you know that some boys like to play with Barbies?

Me: Yeah, it’s great, isn’t it?

Emma: Mom, they’re boys; I don’t think it’s normal.

Me: Says who? You have a dump truck. What’s the big deal? Boys should be allowed to do anything girls do and the same for girls.

Emma: Boys shouldn’t wear skirts.

Me: Why not? If they want to they should.

Emma: Then some people might think they’re GIRLS.

Me: Who cares? And maybe they want people to think they’re girls. How would you like it if someone told you there were things you couldn’t do because you are a girl? Like play on the dirt pile out back because only boys play on the dirt pile? Or play soccer, because only boys play soccer?

Emma: I don’t even play soccer.

Me: You were on a soccer team last year… AND YOU START SOCCER CAMP ON MONDAY.

Us: …

Emma: Can you cancel soccer camp?

HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? I’m not raising a sexist, redneck. At least, I’m trying not to.

A man once served us in Sephora. He had painted nails and wore makeup. Emma boldly informed him boys don’t wear makeup or paint their nails. I HALF DIED. We were holding hands, otherwise I would have pretended she was someone else’s kid. Sephora man and I challenged her. He responded since he was wearing makeup, obviously boys CAN wear it. I asked her to give us a reason boys shouldn’t wear makeup or paint their nails.


Damn you, Disney.

In hindsight, I love that she thinks out loud. It gives me a chance to suss out life with her.

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