a bullet from the head

November 2, 2012 | 104 Comments

Shannon Fisher holding up a fake movember moustache

One of my well-used tags over at Live Journal is called “listy mclists.”  I default to bulleted lists when I want to write about what clogs my brain, but don’t have the energy to be super coherent.

Shall we?

  • Today’s social media contained a lot of “Oh God the moustaches!” I agree: they repulse. But they also fascinate and amuse. And they have a purpose. They create opportunities to start conversations about cancer prevention.
  • Extra kuddos to the Mo Bros with the sparse, creeper ‘staches who tough it out for the month; you require an extra dose of security in your awesomeinity to parade that all month. Hugs.
  • Mo Bro Steve reveals his inner porn star once his ‘stache fills out, which is sexier than sparse, but bizarro still.
  • Help waking up to a Village Person make a little more sense and donate. Please.
  • I started eating gluten after two months without (it feels longer). There were no adverse side effects, but I ate past the point of comfort each time. This happend less often sans gluten. Interesting.
  • My hopes for more energy and less depression weren’t realized, but I liked being gluten free. Once all this halloween candy is in my belly, I’m gonna rejoin gluten-free land. So, probably tomorrow.
  • This is boring. I’m mostly sorry.
  • When I was in elementary school there were rumours the Calgary Tower would collapse any day. Walking home was scary.
  • I want to change my life. I need to change my life.
  • I love writing. I’m stuck lately and it makes me feel like a non-writer. I read something the other day about writer’s block being a myth. Well that helped my insecurity.
  • I think my hair has grown to its potential. This is a bummer, since it’s not even that long.
  • I have too many interests. Do you know all the things I’d love to explore or get better at? Knitting (I used to sneeze toques and scarves), counselling, content strategy, project management, couponing, drawing, painting, makeup artistry (I think it would be so fun to work at MAC for the summer and doing Emma’s spider makeup for Halloween was SO FUN), voice lessons, ultimate frisbee, cycling, keeping a clean house, meal planning, volunteerism, buying all the things (I haven’t shopped in all the forevers), getting off the couch, meeting people, nurturing friendships, being fun… HOW DO YOU CHOOSE. You know how I’ve been choosing lately? Self-sabotage.
  • I think you should come visit.

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