a bullet from the head

November 2, 2012 | 104 Comments

Shannon Fisher holding up a fake movember moustache

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  • http://inthetesseract.blogspot.ca Azara

    “This is boring. I’m mostly sorry.” Haha! That’s the spirit. I read that same thing about writer’s block being a myth and had the same reaction. It’s a bad enough feeling without being told it’s not real!

    • Shannon

      Totally. Like, at least I had an excuse before. Now what do I say? “Uh… The dog ate my fingers.”


  • http://runningscared.ca Lindsay

    The dog eats my fingers all the time.

    • Shannon

      At least we’re in this together!

  • katie

    ugh, i feel TOTALLY the same way! my blog turned into a book review blog because thinking of a topic that might be interesting to other people scares the bejeezes out of me. it’s right up there with kareoke and dancing in a circle at a night club or (worse) a wedding…but lists are great! I say: more lists! more reading…i always read when i feel like i can’t write…except now i feel totally stuck between about four books…and blocked…and i am supposed to write EVERY DAY!?! gluten help us all.

    I want to change my life too…

    we also went GF for about 6 weeks. life was better then…it is really hard to go back part-way…i like rice pasta, what can i say? here’s to rowmies!

    • http://splatospheric.blogspot.com MizYank

      Hi, Rowmies! Splatospheric, here. We have a lot in common– sporadic gluten freedom, life changes, and the occasional flight of anything remotely resembling a topic from our collective heads. The Splatter of the Week gives me a safe harbor but even coming up with it can require hours of research! Anyway, just sayin’ “hi” –great to see you at yeah write!

      • Shannon

        What kind of research?

        And hi!

    • Shannon

      Circle dancing–ha! It does usually end up being that, doesn’t it?

      Here’s to changing our lives!

  • http://voixdemichele.com Michele

    Lists are my favorite way of blogging. Gluten free is hard, yeah? I’m trying to go there, but I apparently have a hard time . . . feeding myself on a regular basis without it.

    • Shannon

      Gluten free was actually pretty easy. Until I reintroduced it. Now I can’t seem to get away from it again.

  • Peach

    I have a feeling a lot of us doing the NaMoBloPo are going to start out this way… listicles, bullets, what the EFF do I write about?!? I’m sure mine later today will be the same. But for what it’s worth, you made me laugh with This is boring. I’m mostly sorry. :) Congrats on the gluten-free! I am too right now, and counting down the remainder of my whole30 with a vengeance!!! :)

    • Peach

      um. NaBloPoMo. That. Yeah. I’ll get the hang of that eventually.

    • Shannon

      Why the gluten free?

      Listicles. Snicker. I might have to use that.

  • Jocelyn


    *on my blog I used a category called I LOVE FOOTNOTES.

    But also, yes to everything you said. So many things! Me and some sisters in The Solidarity League of Creative Women distracted by OH! SHINY!! created a productivity group. We met every week, talked about our to-dos and held each other accountable for them. It was awesome. I got shit done.

    • Shannon

      The Solidarity League of Creative Women. Is this a thing?! HOW DO I JOIN.

      I love your me toos. I write for the me toos.

      • Jocelyn

        Keep writing. I still think of your job interview post. It was very empowering for me (yesterday I OWNED it when I had to call my NewBoss out on a HardThing)

        • Shannon

          Woot! Way to go you! It’s funny to me that post is so inspiring to you. I’m glad, but I think of it as a nothing post.

          Calling your boss out. Ick!

  • http://larksnotesthis.com/ Larks

    Lists are totally the way to go when you get stuck. And moustaches are a great way to remind people about cancer prevention. Yesterday I saw a hipster-looking dude with the begins of one of those old timey moustaches where the ends are waxed and upturned and I was like, “Oh! Right! November! Cancer prevention especially in males!”

    And then I started laughing uncontrollably because I had the urge to go up to him and be like, “I looked at you and immediately thought about rectal probing. Thank you.”

    • Shannon

      Rectal probing. I’ll never look at a moustache the same way again.

      You funny!

  • http://www.notappropriate4.blogspot.com Angela Ryan

    Do NOT choose self-sabotage. Further, even though you wrote that line, I am guessing you’re not really choosing that and it’s that lying bitch depression making decisions for you. Stay strong! I love the term “rowmies” you came up with. I meandered outside my row to make my way to you because you ARE a writer.

    • Shannon

      Aw! Angela. Thanks for doing that. Super sweet. Hey–how did you find Yeah Write? Did you find me through YW or did you find YW through me?

      Either way, I’m super glad. :)

      And no, I won’t choose self-sabotage. Long term. But it’s ruling right now. I’m a little stuck. Sad face.

  • Cecily

    Content strategy? Project management? Is it bad that those phrases were music to my ears?

    And don’t feel bad about listicles. I just posted a photo of my cat as today’s entry. I suck way more than you do.

    • Shannon

      YOU DON’T SUCK EVEN A LITTLE BIT. Neither do I. We just do what we do. :)

      I love that they were music to your ears. We should do the coffees.

  • http://www.happinesscubed.net Dawn Beronilla

    I LOVE LISTS!!! Let’s be friends!!!!!

    • Shannon

      LIST FRIENDS. I’m in!

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