i’m practically giving toques away: a contest

November 4, 2012 | 99 Comments

Without second jug and with second jug info graphic

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  • http://doesanyonecarewhatiwrite.blogspot.com Gina

    You and Steve drank a whole lot if wine? And Steve wanted to open the second bottle? I love inside jokes!

    • Shannon

      Wine gives me a headache. It’s the universe’s way of telling me I’m not grown up enough for such sophistication.

      Good guess!

  • Jocelyn


    • Shannon

      Probably on some level, everything Steve touches is a boob reference.

      But, no.

  • Olly Dolly

    This is so obvious! It is about whether or not you would order another jug of beer.

    First, you give it away by saying you and Steve were enjoying an evening of silliness in June. You’re a teacher and we teachers consume unhealthy (arguable) amounts of alcohol in that awful “house-keeping-babysitting-yes, the sun is shining, but I said ‘sit down’-report card writing” month. I couldn’t help but notice the absence of Emma in your opening line. As she is such an integral part to many of your writings I further assume you were in a pub – a place where, because of stupid laws, Emma would not be able to be. [Aside: I’m sure she can rock a Shirley Temple drink whilst chatting up adults in any pub…stupid laws]

    Clearly, from the top line, just one jug would lead to empty feelings, possible sadness, and discontent. It appears that both Shannon and Steve had equal portions of the first jug of beer.

    By reading the second line of the infographic it is evident that the second jug of beer would lead to much merriment – note the face on the far right, clearly happy and merry. I would assume that Shannon’s portion increased and therefore the pictorial reference with “St” reveals he settled with a scotch or something of equal manliness.

    Finally, you Fishers are a family of technology and one can’t help notice that you consistently instatweetbook while pursuing most activities, but this wasn’t posted until the next morning. I am arguing here that you did order the second jug of beer, consumed it, and had much fun.


    • Shannon

      I read this in your voice and I’m going to read and reread it all night. <3

  • katie

    These comments are hilarious!! Way way funnier than what I was going to write…I thought it had something to do with camping!

    Any other contests for toque awarding?? Now my creative responses have vanished and I just want more pumpkin beer :)

    • Shannon

      I wanna hear your camping theory!

      • katie

        Okay, so obviously this is rooted in roots of being the oldest child (sigh) on camping trips and being begrudgingly (but only so much so in that no one would suspect how much i loved it!) sent on water duty.

        We had this giant square plastic cubey thing that needed to get filled up for our dispensement (dispersal? use?) at camp…naturally being a wee tyke (can’t you hear the violins?) some poor person can’t possibly carry enough water in one go to fill up the water dispenser…so you need to make two trips? two jugs? eeeehn?? Ehnnn??

        Obviously combined with my new quest for minimalism (spurred by aspirations of bike touring) and perhaps lightly veiled in Freudian references to family…mais, voilà!

        I still want beer….!

  • Peach

    Ha! I was only able to piece together something about more being better, half-full vs full jugs, couldn’t tell if it was a boobie reference, but definitely thought shenanigans were in play. :) And agree, comments are hilarious here!

    • Shannon

      You said jugs! Snicker.

  • http://hellofisher.com Steve Fisher

    Boob, boobies, jugs, oh my! #bestcommentsever

  • http://just-mum.blogspot.com/ Jessica @ Just a Mum?

    I’m going to go with beer. 1 jug equals sharing and sadness, and 2 jugs equals Shannon gets a whole jug and happiness?

    • Shannon

      Ha! I love this.

  • http://splatospheric.blogspot.com MizYank

    Can I blame my NaBloPoMo hangover for the fact that I got nuthin’? (Maybe that’s the real hangover talking. If I had one, that is.) For now I’ll just revel in the wit of the other worthy commenters!

    • Shannon

      Un. Acceptable.


  • http://www.happinesscubed.net Dawn Beronilla

    Oh wait, is this math? I’m really bad at math.
    But I’m pretty good at boobies…. is that worth something?

    • Shannon

      No. Everyone is good at boobies.

      But, I’ll give you a few points for honesty. ;)

  • http://hellofisher.com Steve Fisher


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