I will remember boobs

November 11, 2012 | 53 Comments

Steve grabbing Shannon's boob through her sweater

Since the beginning of our kissing career, my oily forehead combined with Steve’s glasses has proved hazardous. Steve stopped finding it cute after the first day. Now I go out of my way to grease his glasses, simply to annoy him. He plays up being uber annoyed and I giggle in victory.

I was putting laundry away (a pile of panties to be exact) when I heard Steve running toward the bedroom to take me down in a wrestling match. Sensing his intentions, I threw my pile of panties in his face (fulfilling fantasies in BULK) to buy myself enough time to assume Karate Kid position.

Breaking through my unperfected stance, he threw me on the bed, sat on me, pinned my arms, and attacked me with peck-like kisses. I maneuvered my head up and greased his left lens. He continued pecking, so I began to violently lunge my forehead at his right lens, in an effort to blind him completely. After a few missed attempts, I realized my efforts were in vain and knew I had to take more drastic measures.

“Look at my boobs!” I yelled. And he did. He released my arms, handed me his glasses and buried his face in my sistas. While he was down there, I took the opportunity to thoroughly massage my forehead grease into every inch of his glasses. When he came up for air, I handed them back. Without missing a beat, he screamed, “They’ve been deep fried!”

I peed myself.

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