twenty four synapses fired today

November 24, 2012 | 52 Comments

Shannon Fisher with a hoodie on

Twenty four things on the 24th of the month and for the 24th post of Nablopomo. Okay? HAPPY NOW. Good. Let’s do this.

  1. I’m wearing my pajamas and a hoodie and my hoodie is on my head and I realize this has become a comforting habit of mine. If my hair happens to be pulled back, Steve says I look bald. If it’s down, I look ADORABLE. I just took a picture to prove it. Mid-take Steve came down the stairs and mocked me for self-portraiting. Again. Jerkface.
  2. All twenty four things won’t be that long-winded, I swear.
  3. Emma was in her first film today. It was ridiculously cool.
  4. I ran today for the first time in I don’t know how long and it was successful, but I wore shoes I’d never run in before and the outside of my right arch is having a hissy fit. I can barely put pressure on it.
  5. I’m taking it as a sign from the universe that I should probably never exert energy again.
  6. Don’t look at me like that.
  7. Twenty four things might be a stretch.
  8. A long, stretchy, stretch.
  9. But I refuse to break my Nablopomo streak with only seven days to go.
  10. I came up with a bit of a schedule for my days until I got back to work because I sometimes get to the end of my days and have no idea what I’ve done and feel terrible that it’s mostly been nothing.
  11. I mean, I know I’m on a sick leave, but I’d be pissed if I were Steve to come home to a kitchen that looks like a science experiment.
  12. Steve never complains, but it would be a gooder to save up for one of our really big fights if he was totally stumped. “Well… oh yeah… you… you’re… I HATE OUR KITCHEN.” I would just have to hug him, because I get it.
  14. My friend Lynne shared a cute video on my last entry, and you should watch it.
  15. And then my friend Jocelyn shared one, too, and it didn’t make me cry the way it made her cry, but it made me love people even more than I already do. Watch it, too.
  16. I bought bright red hair dye tonight and I’m going to dye it in the morning. My hair dresser isn’t available for a while and I’m too impatient to wait. I’ve wrecked my hair a few times doing it on my own, but it never stops me from trying.
  17. I saw a lady from school today and it (not her, she’s lovely) immediately made me feel guilty for being off work. Fuck that. I’m allowed.
  18. Oh gad, I can still smell those rotting flowers on my counter. Oh, I didn’t tell you. I tweeted about those yesterday. I still don’t like flowers as presents. I love the givers, hate the gift. They never throw themselves out. The flowers, not the givers. The givers never throw themselves out either, but I like that about them. Hate it about the flowers.
  19. I bought ripple chips today and I’m really wishing I’d gone all out and bought some herb and garlic dip to go with them.
  20. I have a pig story that I’ve been trying to write for about four years and for some reason I get stuck after adding a sentence or two. I’m going to make it a goal to get it up before November is done. It’s a great story. Pigs make everything good. Especially bacon.
  21. Hey, Nonie, just know that I’m only going red because you’re so bitchy about my pink hair. You won’t win forever though, crankypants. I’ll be pink again some day. MARK. MY. WORDS. And my hair. #ihavenoidea
  22. Wouldn’t it be cool, if after some of our more bizarre sentences in face-to-face conversation, hashtags popped up over our heads? #lessconfusion #maybenot
  23. I’ve started watching Parenthood on Netflix. I’m on season 2. Almost every episode has made me cry. But chips and dip they need to stop talking over each other. Especially that one family with the blonde wife who isn’t a sister. GAD. #tvtalkisboring
  25. One more thing (I ripped you off on that last one, anyway): Steve just told me that two of his web-geekery friends told him they’ve read back through my whole blog because they love it that much. Well I’ll be gobsmacked and head-swollen. People generous with love make my world go round.
I love all you, peeps. Thanks for reading my hib nob babble every single day this month. (Just nod even if you haven’t.) You have excellent taste. Let’s have a slumber party soon, okay? I’ll bring the chips and dip. You bring more dip.

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  • Jocelyn

    If I were feeling witty, I’d leave 24 comments, but I’m not wit.

    1. Thanks for the shout out! I love the ‘ways to die’ video. That song is catchy.
    2. Steve rulez, but is often a jerkface.
    3. I didn’t understand the movetovancouver page he quoted in your other thread.
    4. I want to start blogging again
    4a. Does Steve have blog templates out there for purchase?
    4b. I bet he does.
    5. Joseph Levitt Dreamypants is on SNL.
    7. Now we’re fb friends, my phone tells me when you share a link because I added you to my list of interesting peeps.
    9. I haven’t sent your book yet because I overthink things and it’s bathtub read and so I’ll just order you a new one.
    11. Chips and Dip, Shannon. CHIPS AND DIP.
    12. I’m really pleased with your NABLOMO progress. It’s a hard thing! You’re great at it.
    13. My laundry is done. I’ll be right back.

    • Shannon

      You should start blogging again because THIS was fun to read.

      Steve’s link thingy is for people who have a problem. The solution: move to vancouver.

      I’m not sure if he has templates to buy. Ask him on Twitter?

      Chips and dip. Yes. I know.


    • Jocelyn

      14. I’M BACK!
      15. Fact: I prolly won’t put the laundry away this month.
      16. I’M working through my back log of half started quilts and knitted objects and I’m FINISHING ALL THE THINGS! It feels really good! If I were blogging, I’d share that.
      17. I have _the worst_ taste in music.
      18. For Movember I commissioned my mo’d friend’s little boy to make some original art for my refrigerator so he could participate. The discussions about what I’d like in my art are THE BEST. He’s including professional development days at pre-school, which makes sense because it will be on the refrigerator.
      19. Mumford and Sons are not an 70s band making a comeback. They are new thing.
      20. We booked a hotel for an upcoming conference in Americaland this week and I openly championed for it because it’s perfect and also it’s across the street from a big ass mall with a Macy’s and a Target.
      21. I’m on my third budget app for iPhone. I don’t like any of the spending-tracking apps I’ve tried because none of them punch me in the mouth when I overspend.
      22. I find it ironic that the Green Party candidate in my riding does not shovel his sidewalk. Ever. That’s ironic, right? (he lives on my street)
      24. Twenty four things is HARD! It’s like bad tweeting. Sorry.

      • Shannon

        What’s laundry?

        Let me know when you have a link to your blog. I’ll be your fangirl.

  • Tara

    Parenthood is my secret guilty pleasure… Keep watching… You will find a lot of parallels, tears, laughter and catharsis to cry through. Do not feel work guilt. And I will give you the best dip mix ever to have on hand. Hugs, miss you xoxo.

    • Shannon

      The talking over each other ist REALLY starting to get old. But, I still love it. Steve’s not sold.

      Dip mix, please! Is it the one from your partay?

  • Nonie Chalmers

    Nothing wrong with red, I was born red……hmmm, what happened? Oh yah, GREY! Have some Chips and dip for me too will you? Love you lady, and I want to move to Vancouver just so you could tell me all these crazy things in person.

    • Steve Fisher

      Mooooooove heeeeeeere Nooooooonie!!!!!

    • Shannon

      WHAT STEVE SAIDDDDDD. Move here.

  • Peach

    BIG FAN of the red. You must post pics! Of course, I’m biased. But whatever. And yes to all things Parenthood. They make me cry embarrassingly often, too. And I’m notsomuch a crier. Which makes me hate it a little, but then I get over it and have to watch the next one. Blergh.

    Gah, I farkin’ love you too. Your 24 things made me laugh so much. I’m sorry I’ve been a slacker over here on your page, but that does not mean I love you any less. xoxo

    • Shannon

      Steve took a bunch today. It really barely looks different. It’s not as flashy as I’d hoped. Crazy red fail.

      You’re not a slacker! No pressure. Just fun. xo

  • Amy I. Bloom

    You made my Sunday! This is awesome.

    Glad I found you on Yeah Write.


    • Shannon

      Well, glad to know it! Glad we found each other! Thanks. :)

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