the handiest armpit in the west

November 26, 2012 | 58 Comments

Steve Fisher wearing a toque

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  • Mariesy

    My bicycles. And not a fixie cuz there is no Hipster in me. ;)

    • Shannon

      My bike would be on my list, too. I should have been taking advantage of this sunshine.

    • Steve

      I love my single speed! Love it!

  • Mariesy

    Bttw, the toque that you knit and gave to me last year has already had some serious action this year.

    • Shannon

      I’m glad it grew on you (or THO). I wasn’t sure about it at first either.

  • Jessica @ Just a Mum?

    Ooh… knitting, sewing, making jewellery, wood carving – all those things that I had to put away when the monkeys were born, and haven’t been able to get back out yet because they just cannot help touching *everything*, regardless of sharpness or likelihood of choking.

    Although, I have gotten the knitting back out. I actually left something on double pointed needles sitting on the coffee table, and when I got back to it, not a stitch had been dropped! Miraculous almost. But then again, they’ve both asked me to knit them things..

    • Shannon

      Wood carving! Interesting.

      I have a scrapbook I need to finish and then I wan’t to sell all my scrapbooking stuffs. I dropped the project six years ago.

      Emma loves it when I knit her things.

      • Jessica @ Just a Mum?

        What can I say? I’m a fascinating girl. :]

        Urk. I forgot about scrapbooking. I haven’t finished Kee’s first year book and she’s four and a half. I’ll add that to my list.

        I think there’s something about being able to say “my mum made this!” that appeals to mine.

        • Shannon

          Yeah! The one I’m working on is the story of how Steve and I met. I thought it would be a neat keepsake for Emma.

  • Jocelyn

    I threw my first knit project into the wall many times too, doing the same thing you did. I tried to learn to knit lever style (it’s the most ergonomic and efficient way, you know) but it didn’t take.

    Things I wish I had a more regular relationship with are, writing (blogging. I’m working on it) and yoga. And money.

    • Shannon

      Yoga. Man, you guys are making me want to do more stuff. I did yoga for a while, but I didn’t feel very good at it. Plus, it made me cry a lot.

  • Melanie


    • Shannon

      HA! Very accessible. xo

  • Cindy

    I may have taught you to knit, but you have far surpassed me. I love that you still love knitting. I feel like it was our first connection and the beginning of our friendship.

    • Shannon

      I feel like that, too, Cindy. I love that you taught me and it’s a really nice memory for me. And something I can share. Thanks for that gift.

  • Peach

    Writing, of course. But lately I’m missing reading. Like, a book-book with real paper reading. It just feels different with a Kindle/iPad, ya know? Time to get my hands on a book-book and fix this.

    I admire your knitting. I know one stitch, and have maybe 4 inches of a scarf completed….in a year. Oops. I enjoyed it and want to do more. Add that to my to-dos. Oof.

    • Shannon

      Ack! You remind me I must start my knitting projects. Today maybe. I miss reading, too. Very much.

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