November 27, 2012 | 23 Comments

picture of a bar

I was at an event tonight called #bemyamigo, a campaign to foster sociability in Vancouver. A chat with strangers at a long table event to help make this city friendlier.

It was my third time attending. I met someone who is a joy coach. Or a finder of joy. Or a coacher of joy finding. And someone who’s never given insecurity or shame a second thought. And someone who found me delightful enough that he/she secretly paid for one of my drinks.

People are fascinating. And strange. And surprisingly lovely.

Let’s continue this meeting business, okay people? It’s a good idea.

Lillie, you’re still my favourite amigo. I think you might have ruined all future #bemyamigos for me, actually. LOVE.

Please join the Truthfully Facebook page. I’m funny there. 

Joining up with Yeah Write for BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo. No guilt. Just fun. 

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  • Lillie

    Shannon you made my day- and right back atcha!
    Your dance recital is awesome, ps.

    • Shannon

      Forever thankful to Jorge for colliding our worlds, lady. xo

  • Shira

    Hey Shannon! It was nice to meet you last night. I remembered your cute business card in my purse and thought I’d check out your blog :)

    • Shannon

      Shira! I was thinking about you today, wishing I’d gotten some contact info from you. I’m glad you stopped by. Thanks! What did you think of #bemyamigo? Do you think you’ll go again? It was great to chat with you. :)

      • Shira

        Well, I have facebook like all the other cool kids, haha. Not sure if you can see the e-mail I used but it’s my first and last name (I feel weird posting my whole name). But yeah, it’s a real cool concept. I’d definitely think about going again, maybe once it starts up again in January :)

        • Shannon

          Oh was this the last one of the year? I can see your email. I’ll use it!

          • Shira

            Yep, he mentioned that December is busy (with holidays and all that) so he’s going to try and do the next one in January.

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