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November 30, 2012 | 54 Comments

Shannon Fisher

When I ran my first (and last) marathon, I cried the last five kilometer stretch. Bawled my way right across the finish line.

I would not have made it without Steve beside me, keeping me focused, pushing me past my limits. Pissing me off. I found my friend, Amy, who crossed long before me. Her bottom lip quivered, “Shannon, that was so hard!” We held each other and cried, united in battle.

November’s Nablopomo has not been as trying or as dramatic as a marathon, but I feel marvellous about it. I proved I can set and accomplish goals. I proved I’m a writer, because you know what writers do? They fucking write, you guys. I pushed my chair away from the table minutes ago to answer a text, and the motion of leaving my chair and my half-written thoughts on the screen felt real. Official. Important. Writing is a thing I do. I’m creating my future. I’m making shit happen.

It’s a blog. But it’s my blog with my words and my potty mouth and readers and sweat and sparkle. And you know what? I do sparkle. I sparkle! I bring love and light to the people in my life. I’m quite lovely to have around. Here and out there. Everywhere!

It’s different taking up space believing it’s my right, believing I have worth. I love how this blog allows me to occupy space and myself. I love what I’m creating and I love that you’re doing it with me, keeping me focused, pushing me past my limits. Pissing me off.

Go team!


Please join the Truthfully Facebook page. I’m funny there. 

Joining up with Yeah Write for BlogHer’s NaBloPoMo. No guilt. Just fun. 

Steve is killing the caterpillar tomorrow. I think I’m going to miss it! Some of you said you’d wait to donate until it’s gone. Don’t forget! 

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