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January 24, 2013 | 48 Comments

Data with a Soul Canadian content strategy company

I haven’t been writing here, but I have been doing Morning Pages over at 750 Words. That’s been soul-feeding. I know typing is technically cheating, but the point is to write, so I’m okay with cheating. No judging, judger.

I’ve decided to quit teaching. I’m not sure if it means taking a year off or giving up my contract to sub a couple days a week. Data With a Soul and writing for myself will be my focus. I’m excited to start something new. Terrified, too. My partner, Jessica, isn’t scared at all, and I wish I could drink up some of her fearlessness. (Liking us on Facebook will help.)

My business news hasn’t been shared here yet, has it? I’ve started a business, y’all! A business as a writer and a content strategist. We explain more here. Steve has been encouraging me for two years to try something new: a masters in counselling, a masters in writing, a content strategy company were three of the ideas tossed around.

CS is a branch in Steve’s industry closely related to what he does as a UX guy. Jessica came into my life this past summer. She talked about the writing business she wanted to start, which led me to tell her about Steve’s idea. Jessica suggested we do it together. I got some “what-if” butterflies, and poo-pooed her, thinking she didn’t know me well enough to genuinely mean it. I didn’t bother telling Steve about the conversation.

A couple weeks later during a visit with Jessica and her Scot, Jessica was getting website advice from Steve. Later, Steve said it would be fun if Jessica and I could team up. When I told him she had suggested the same thing, he almost drove off the road. He started the design for our site that night.

And here we are! Data With a Soul comes from Brené Brown’s TED Talk. At 1:18 she calls her stories, “data with a soul.” Steve has used the phrase in a few of his presentations. I love it and Jessica does too, so we stole it. Thanks, Steve! We kind of owe everything to him at this point. He’s spent hours building us a site, designing business cards, promoting us, encouraging us, and teaching us. I’m thanky for that guy.

I didn’t sit down to write about this. I’m glad it pushed out.


Holy floppy-pippy cakes!

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  • julie nowell

    atta girl

    • Shannon

      thanks, mentor!

  • Annabelle

    So proud of you! And glad to see you writing here again. Xoxoxo

    • Shannon

      Thank you. Me too!

  • Lynne

    Yay! You’re going to be great :)

    • Shannon

      You make me believe it, Lynne!

  • Jocelyn

    Hey you!

    1. Congrats. You’re my favourite content strategist. I’m proud of you. Be fearless!

    2. Steve = a good egg.

    3. I loved the Artist’s Way years ago. I did my morning pages for months and every-now-and-again think about picking it up again, but I feel like that stage of my life has passed.


    • Shannon

      You’re so great. Why aren’t you linking up to your blog here? Tell me how you found doing morning pages? Why do you feel like you’ve outgrown them?

      • Jocelyn

        1. Because I forgot :( I’m going to work on my super fun get-other-bloggers writing quiz this weekend. Unless I quilt, then I will do it *next* weekend.

        2. I LOVED doing Morning Pages. I came across my bundle of pages when I was cleaning out the attic last week. I remember being impressed by the exercise, because it really seemed to clear the mental dust and make room for other things. I need to dwell on that a little. I feel like I don’t have room for Morning Pages now because I don’t want any more commitments in my life right now – I am feeling a little overwhelmed by all the crazy ideas going through my head. And job search. THAT.

        • Shannon

          1. Oooh! Exciting.

          2. I hear you about no more commitments. I have so many things I want to do that I’m avoiding most of them because I don’t really know where to start.

          • Jocelyn

            Oooh. I’m toots curious to know what these things are. :)

  • MizYank

    Go, Shannon, go! With your writing skills, you will be brilliant. And hearty applause for Steve, who sounds like one helluva cheerleader. You’re just the kind of people we love to have on Team Yank.

    • Shannon

      Hey… thanks, Wheat! I like being on your team. XO

  • Peach

    AAAGGHHGGHHGH! That’s the back story I’ve been dying to hear. Awesome, awesome, so much fucking awesome. I couldn’t be more proud. Shannon, you’re my hero. Great things are afoot. Change is scary, yes, but you’re strong. Sending huge bear hugs. xoxox Love you!

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