all you have to do is change your whole life

January 28, 2013 | 53 Comments

A colourful Vancouver in the rain

There are many things I want to change about my life. They showed up in my morning pages today:

  • go to bed before 10pm
  • get up at 5am
  • meal plan
  • exercise regularly
  • blog 3x week
  • morning pages EVERY DAY
  • reading EVERY DAY–even if it’s only 10 min before bed
  • cut out sugar COMPLETELY AND FOREVER
  • implement a daily practice with Hoffman tools (involve meditation!)
  • time with Emma each evening

I signed up for a morning pages challenge to write every day in February. I was up at 5 this morning writing, and now I can take over the world, obviously. Popeye did morning pages. I know it.

The lovely Sylvia has offered to lend me her copy of The Artist’s Way, which means I get to have coffee with her and talk about books and dogs and yay people.

My hope is that reading the book will get me even more excited about morning pages and fill me in on the science behind them. Because they’re science, right?

Jessica did creativity exercises with me last week in a café on The Drive. We sipped our hot drinks and scribbled our little hearts out with timers in silence, and I hope we do MOAR because YES. A couple short story ideas were born from those scribbles. My homework is to write them. I really love Jessica. I feel super fucking lucky to know her and sad you don’t.

Jessica and Scot watched Emma and Sloane on Saturday night because Steve was away and my friend Lillie invited me out to play. And play I did. We went to a party put on by eatART called Wavelength. Basically we danced for 5 hours straight. My Nike FuelBand registered that I met my daily exercise goals for Sunday by the time I got home. GOD I LOVE DANCING. And apparently when I told Jessica and Scot I’d be home by 2am, I meant 4am, and somehow they still love me and I’m not grounded. I should be grounded. My super comfy couch and “oopsie” face are what saved me.

Basically my life is full of the most amazing people and I need to thank the universe by showing up for myself. Let’s do this, February!

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  • Annabelle

    I know SO MANY people who are doing the Artists Way right now!

    • Shannon

      Have you done it? Do you love it? What are you hearing about it? I’ve been meaning to for about TEN YEARS. Good grief.

  • Nikkiana

    I keep doing the first chapter of The Artist Way over and over… apparently this morning pages thing is a little harder to do than I thought. Whoops.

    • Shannon

      Thanks for commenting, Nikkiana! What’s stopping you from getting past the first chapter? Is that the chapter she intros morning pages? It is hard. I managed to do it three times last week and I’ve tried in the past. My Feb contest is going to rev me up–ideally.

    • Kat

      Don’t beat yourself up about it… even if you miss a few or find time for doing them later on in the day (quite often I do). It took me three times over to do chapter nine. When you’re ready it will happen! I did it [A. W.] two years ago, but only just found out about Walking in this World through Jessica’s comment on FB… So, now I’ve started reading it & already feel more more energised & CONNECTED… all these co-incidences/ synchronicity! It Happens & it’s AMAZING

      • Shannon

        This is exciting! Thanks for the support and for sharing your story. Weeee.

  • Jessica

    Aw, I was having a bit of a grey afternoon and this has cheered me immensely.
    Love you too, Shannon.

    • Shannon

      It’s pretty easy to have grey afternoons in these parts. LITERALLY. Your cheer regularly cheers me, so I’m happy to be of service. <3

  • MizYank

    You’ve inspired me to look into the morning pages. Like all lawyers, and repulsive creatures in general, I lived under a rock so I hadn’t heard about it! Am just wrapping up a 30 day blogging challenge two pals roped me into doing, and one of my conditions for agreeing to do it was a daily free write. A prompt, 30 seconds to think, 10 minutes to write, and we share. Amazing how many blog posts come out of that, and how many ideas it shakes loose. I have religion! which is not the same thing as a conscience, because that’s just not compatible with my lot in life as a lawyer.

    • Shannon

      We can talk about it together! Exciting. I like the sound of your blogging challenge. Very cool. I need to get involved in something like this to kick my butt into some regularity.

      Wait… that sounded wrong.

  • Jocelyn

    BLERGH*. Me too. Yes, you should definitely read The Artist’s Way. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    Funny, read 10 minutes before bed was my resolution in 2007. One of my favourite writers and inspiring women told me that to write, you must read. I’m not a great reader, but I’m enthusiastic about it.

    *sums up my life right now, not a response to your post at all.

    • Shannon

      I definitely need to read more. It feeds my soul and it’s always the first thing to go when I feel like I have no time.

      Sorry you’re feeling BLERGH. Hugs!

  • Peach

    This makes me so excited! 750words is something I did religiously for months right when I started 50peach… and then I focused more on blogging. But there’s just something that Morning Words gives that blogging doesn’t. It’s just for you, selfish in the best sense of the word, and I miss it. Perhaps I’ll join you in the Feb challenge. :) Whether it’s Morning Words, or creative time or dancing or making a lot of big changes… I’m delighted for you. I can feel your happy. xox

  • Sylvia

    Enjoy the Artists’s Way and your morning pages! I keep meaning to look at the follow up book but haven’t yet. Lovely chatting with you and Miss Sloane today.

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