yeah write: you’ll lub ’em

February 11, 2013 | 25 Comments

ferris wheel at sundown

I know what it’s like to love something so much you don’t want to share for fear it will change. Or there’ll be less for you.

My friend Jade felt this way about the Yeah Write community, but shared anyway. Last summer she sent me the link in hushed tones and told me she’d been hoarding it for too long, because she’s “selfish like that.”

I haven’t hoarded the Yeah Write community, but I haven’t been upfront about the whole truth of it, either.

Yeah Write is not unlike marrying into a Greek family (based on my extensive research of Greek families via My Big Fat Greek Wedding). They’re a community with strong bonds, lots of opinions, and they cordially disput and celebrate like a boss. I’ve literarily had my cheeks pinched, my tush slapped, my heart flung across the continent, and my voice lost in the chorus of quality writing and reader love. Most of my 2012 crushes (aka: people I stalk) are from the Yeah Write community. They’re my tribe.

  • Wanna read some of the fabooest stuff on the webs?
  • Want some of the fabooest reading your writes?
  • Wanna give and get weekly hugs and butt kicks?
  • Wanna meet your future weekend getaway gang?

Then check out Yeah Write. What are you waiting for? GO. I dare you not to fall in love.

One writer is local, which is especially squee-worthy. So, go ahead and squee if you need to. I’ll wait.

Like Truthfully on Facebook. I’ll slap your tush there. (No I won’t. Well, I might, actually.) 

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  • Erica M

    The best thing about yeah write is the connection we all seem to have with one another. Well, the ones who make it to the other side, anyway. We tend to push people out who mess with the feng shui. We think about each other at night and care for one another in ways unseen in most Internet communities and I’m proud of fostering that in my own small way. Thanks for this lovely post. Through you, someone who needs us will find us.

    • Shannon

      You’re fostering this in a huge way, lady. It’s a really beautiful community and I feel supes lucky to be part of it. I wish everyone I loved was there. Jade might wanna slap me a little though. :)

      Thanks for making it such a fun, safe, quality, writery place. I love you. I do!

  • Cindy ~ The Reedster Speaks

    Love this! I met yeah writers in real life just this week on a trip to New Jersey – amazing the connections we make across the internet. Thanks for sharing the best-kept secret on the web for bloggers who really want to hone their craft in community with our dysfunctional but loving family.

    • Shannon

      If we ever meet, I sure hope you dance for me, Miss Cindy. :)

  • Jocelyn


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