attending, speaking, gettin’ published. no big deal, yo.

April 3, 2013 | 28 Comments

Shannon, Emma and Sloane

Terrifying and thrilling things are happening around here. Steve and I quit our jobs to start our own (separate, but complimentary) businesses.

No, you’re crazy!

Push your eyes back in because that’s creepy, yo. Now listen: I’m attending things, speaking at things, and getting published here and there. Everywhere pending. Good stuff is happening. It’s all going to be okay. I promise

So here’s the haps.


In June, Jessica and I are going Minneapolis to attend a Content Strategy conference called Confab. Apparently there’s cake. I’m ridiculously giddy about this. We’re going to be surrounded by a bunch of tech nerds, because we’re nerds now too. I think this has been Steve’s secret plan all along: lure me into the Nerd Fold.


Steve and I are doing a session at BlogHer in July on Responsive Design. It’s a total accident that I’m going, but I’ll take it. And I’ll rock it. No, but seriously. We’re going to perform a choreographed dance or something equally spectacular.

In the fall, I’m speaking at a brand new conference in London called DARE. It’s about vulnerability, authenticity, connectedness and courage. My session is called “Fighting the War on Shame.”

Gettin’ published

Joanna Schroeder, Senior Editor at the Good Men Project picked up my piece about body autonomy and shame.

She passed it along to xoJane who also published it. (You’re my fave, Joanna. Thanks a crazy lot!)

I wrote a piece on writer’s block for QuoteRobot.

I also wrote a piece on productivity for QuoteRobot.

And there’s your Shannon catch-up. If I had a grandma these are the things I’d tell her in this month’s letter. I’d probably leave out that part about both of us quitting our jobs, because her heart isn’t great and she worries a lot. But, I don’t have a grandma so you’re welcome.

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  • Kim

    … “Steve’s secret plan all along…” Teehee. You’re so fun. Cake makes me ridiculously excited, too. :)

    • Shannon

      Caaaaaaake. We should have cake together.

  • Peach

    You are my hero. So is Steve. And dammit, Blogher in Chicago is now IN MY CALENDAR. I will make this happen, mark my words. I’d love nothing more than to be there to support you. Because you kick so much ass.

    I’m so unspeakably proud of you, my friend. Love and hugs.

    • Shannon

      OH MAN THAT WOULD BE RAD. Make it happen. And happy birthday again! XO

  • Bonnie Way

    Good luck with the changes! And congrats on all the successes. :)

    • Shannon

      Thank you! I’m pretty excited.

  • ellie

    O. M. G. Just found your blog in a round-about way that I don’t totally remember I am soooo crushing on your bloggity blog girl! You are fab and hilarious and awesome. I hope that someday I will be lucky enough to be sitting there when you are talking or performing a lyrical dance. love, your happy newest follower XO

    • Shannon

      Ellie! What sweet words, new friend! I hope I’m lucky enough to spot you in the audience and take you for coffee after. :)


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