my business partner is better than your business partner

May 18, 2013 | 41 Comments

Jessica at the beach

Do you have a business partner?

Yeah, me too.

Mine’s better.

Here’s why.

  1. She uses words like supes and totes. (I adopt the laugh of friends. Turns out I totes adopt their vernacular too.)
  2. She believes in power poses and positive thinking and pep talks. This is like crack for my anxiety. With less adversarial long-term effects.
  3. She’s brave enough to tell me when I’ve hurt her, creating spaces for growth and connectedness.
  4. We’re on our way to being besties whether she likes it or not. Which I realize makes business complicated, but life is complicated, so fuck it.
  5. When I hyperventilate at “staff meetings” every week for six months because my self doubt dominates, instead of moving with no forwarading address, she listens and loves. She validates and redirects.
  6. She has a great laugh. Which is a relief because some day I’ll probably assume it. (I don’t mean to; it just happens.)
  7. She knows I accidentally poop in front of people and still wants to work with me.
  8. She’s patient with my self-depreciation, but flashes me her “this has got to go” eyes. I’m working on it.
  9. She’s written a book, yo. And she’s working on a second. And she gets me off my writing butt.
  10. She believes in kindness and grace and people and their stories.
  11. While I’m in the corner coddling fear, she’s excited about everything! She actually yelled at me once while I was driving, “You need to get excited about this, Shannon!”
  12. She’s bossy.
  13. She’s acutally not bossy at all. Except when she is.
  14. She wears her shirts inside out on Wednesdays.
  15. She’s lived in Guyana, Korea, Wales and Brighton. Yeah, I know.
  16. She asks the best questions, is patient with my too-long stories, is delighted by the smallest gifts and can teach herself anything.
  17. She believe in us. Like she really, really believes in us and what we’re doing and what we will do.

So I’m sorry I snapped her up first, but you can’t really blame me.

If you want more proof of Jessica’s greatness, come like Data With a Soul on Facebook. Truthfully is also on Facebook, if you’re in a likey mood.

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  • Jessica

    How lucky am I?!!

    Ha! I do NOT remember yelling at you to get excited. Is that an example of my bossiness?


    • Shannon

      You’re not lucky! You’re amazing.


  • Scot

    NYC. She also lived in New York.

    Business partner is pretty good but what’s better is a partner partner. I consider myself supes-lucky that I’ve not assumed her laugh.

    She’s all those things and….sorry…I have to stop typing. Jessica’s just told me that it’s after 11 and I need to go to bed.

    • Shannon

      Right. I forgot NYC.

      See: bossy.

  • nataliedeyoung

    Lucky! I need someone like that in my life, like a guru. I need a lot of what she offers on that list – pep talks, enthusiasm, vocabulary infusions…;)

    • Shannon

      I recommend everyone have a Jessica. :)

  • Cathy Konias

    I “liked” this blog on my facebook homepage before I actually read it. oops! Sure wish there was a “loved it” choice. #11 made me laugh out loud. Thanks Shannon.

    • Shannon

      Well played, Cathy. My heart was in my throat there for a second.


  • jenne

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