5 things you don’t know about me

September 4, 2013 | 53 Comments

Finding five unknown things about an over-sharer is no easy task.

five things about shannon

This is post a collaborative effort with a few women who were the Top Vancouver Mom Bloggers of 2013. Check out their five-things below:

salma-jackie (1)

Real Life For Mom                                    Savvy Suburban Mama


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Pink Chai                                             EcoBravo                                    Motherless Moments


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  • http://www.eco-bravo.ca Cher

    I think we are complete opposites!! But opposites attract, right? I’m a social introvert and kinda love getting flowers. I’ve been using “night bras” too! But I wear mine to feel some structure after having my son and it calms me for some reason. I now a name for them! Thanks!

    • Shannon

      Ah, the night bra. All hail the night bra. :)

  • http://www.weekdays-from-scratch.blogspot.com Sharilyn

    Night bras for all! I have a tank top with built in bra- can’t sleep with out it!

    • Shannon

      I only just started, but I love it. A built in one is genius.

  • http://www.motheryourbusiness.com Heather

    I think the support overnight thing must have been a 80’s phenomena- I remember being “taught” the same thing. Hehe.

    p.s.- you don’t like getting flowers?????????? okay, I’m over it now.

    • Shannon

      Yeah, my friend’s mom did it, so you’re probably right!

  • Geoff

    Ah, #1. That explains it! I was wondering where your awesome personality was; glimmers of it to be sure! I totally get the BBQ situation though. I really liked that you guys came over and I’m glad I get (and got) to know you!

    • Shannon

      Yeah, we weren’t there long enough for super fun shan to emerge. Thanks for having us, man! Super thoughtful to think of us. :)

      • Geoff

        Well, I have a family crush on you guys!

        • Shannon

          Dude, we think you’re pretty great, too. You and Steve-o need to run together more!

  • Lynne

    Man…I read your whole blog but somehow missed the bit about you hating cut flowers :( Good to know, and honestly you’re so right–they do die and stink and look all glum by the end. I never really thought about it, though I’ve thrown away enough sadly wilted bunches in my time. From now on when I want to cheer you up it’s going to be chocolate and sports bras and lip gloss and CRACKER CRISPS all the way.

    <3 you, Shan :)

    • Shannon


      Love you too!

  • http://www.mommastuffblog.com amber

    I LOVED wearing the cheap, bamboo, elita sports bras when I was nursing but my husband begged me to stop wearing them once the babes were weaned!!

    • Shannon

      Bahaha. Because it’s all about him, right?

  • http://www.pinkchaistyle.com Raj

    I still love you …. and you are still awesome-sauce. That is all.

    • Shannon

      Dittoes! <3

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  • http://runningscared.ca LindsayDianne

    And now I love you even more.

    • Shannon

      Well that’s good to know! Excited to see you in Ontario, since we can’t seem to connect 20 minutes away from each other. xo

  • http://www.reallifeformom.blogspot.ca Salma

    Totally with you on the flowers! And I thought you were pretty great when we met at GLAM :)

    • Shannon

      Salma! I totally forgot we chatted. I loved talking with you at GLAM. I kept thinking–I would love to be friends with this woman!


  • http://www.mydirt.ca Tiffany @ MyDirt

    I love you even more.

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