Blissdom 2013: Be the Kindness

October 25, 2013 | 58 Comments

shannon playing a game at blissdom

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  • julienowell

    awesome! So glad you came, and shared so much Shannon! I am pretty happy to have you in my world ! MWAH!

    • Shannon Fisher

      Thanks for pushing me! I like having you in my world, too. <3

  • Jody MacArthur

    Awesome post, Shannon! You were an amazing addition to Blissdom and to my life! xoxo

    • Shannon Fisher

      I sure enjoyed you, lady! You’re a delight from the East. xo

  • AskMamaMOE

    Love this post and I did love your presentation – so happy you came again this year to Blissdom and I got to hear you!

    • Shannon Fisher

      Hey-thanks for taking the time to say so!

  • Liz

    I loved your story! I was sitting near you and could tell you were nervous waiting for your turn (as I would be too) but then you kicked ass! Awesome job! :)

    • Shannon Fisher

      I WAS SO NERVOUS. Next time feel free to hug me. :)

  • Brandy

    Love this post! You did an amazing job during power hour. Don’t ever doubt yourself. This was my first ever Blissdom and hope to come to the many that follow. Hopefully the stars align like they did this year.

    • Shannon Fisher

      We’ll have to meet up next year then! Glad you love it as much as I do.

  • Courtney Wilson

    I’m happy I had the opportunity to sit in your microsession – you were inspiring!

    • Shannon Fisher

      Thanks, Courtney! So kind.

  • Shash

    <3 no words, just <3

    • Shannon Fisher

      LADY. Back atcha. <3

  • Positively Pampered Patty

    I loved your pig story. And there are so many Shannons!! I am happy you went to Bliss because you make a difference to a lot of people and that makes a difference to you which always helps on the not so great days. Would love to learn more about. The Diva cup! :)

    • Shannon Fisher

      Shannons are epic. Hey–let’s talk about the Diva Cup! Email me. :)

  • Astra Groskaufmanis

    “…took the conference from good to soul feeding.” _ Loved this! Great post! Great to have met you :)

    • Shannon Fisher

      You too, Astra! I’m glad you were one of the first people I got to chat with. You’re lovely. :)

  • schmutzie

    I’m so glad I got to meet and chat with you, too. Thank you for your story.

    • Shannon Fisher

      Thanks for taking the time to say so, E. You’re a delight.

  • Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)

    Shannon, one of the highlights of my first Bliss was meeting you and hearing your pig story. I was thrilled to meet and speak with you after, share my admiration for the talent you possess. I have yet to do my own Bliss recap because, well life is because, but I did write a post from my heart that called you to mind. No one but me may ever know this so I wanted to let you know how much you inspired me in those seven minutes, so thank you…

    • Shannon Fisher

      Suzanne! The recap post can be overwhelming because there’s so much swimming around in your head. The longer I left it, the trickier it got. I had to just sit down and write!

      And that is so kind of you to say. I love hearts and I’m glad I got to sneak into yours. XO

  • Sheri Landry

    You did great at Power Hour. I loved it and I loved meeting you.

    • Shannon Fisher

      YOU were hilarious. I’m glad we met, too.

  • The Animated Woman

    You were the high point of the Power Hour Shannon. I could picture the whole thing like a movie as you were telling it. I’m a fan of stories!

    • Shannon Fisher

      Oh those are great words–a movie! Very cool. It’s fun to pain pictures with words–you do it with actual pictures, which I love. Thanks for giving me the gift of you and your generosity this year.

  • nugglemama

    Little Kindness Soldiers. Love that! It was an honor to be part of that army and I loved meeting people that I wouldn’t normally. Great post!

    • Shannon Fisher

      It was a great army to be part of. I loved it. Thanks for taking the time to comment here. :)

  • KatiaDBE

    On Thursday I’d finally met up for the first time after Blissdom with two new friends I’d met there. One of them was trying to remember what exactly was “the power hour” and whether she’d attended it. The other said “Do you remember the pig story?” Blank stare. “Then you weren’t there”.

  • Chris Read


  • Chris Read

    Yep, that’s all I took away from your post ;D Also, you rock!

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