DivaCup Prize Pack Giveaway

October 31, 2013 | 171 Comments

Shannon holding a Diva Cup prize

*This giveaway is now closed.*

After using Lunapads for six years, in 2006 I found enough courage to say toodle-oo to tampons and purchased my first DivaCup.

It was love at first insert. Okay, that’s not the complete truth—there was definitely an adjustment period (badum bum). But, as with any good relationship, it was worth taking the time to find out if we were a good match. Seven years and two DivaCups later, the only thing I’d change is hopping on the Diva train much sooner.

My top five reasons for using the DivaCup:

  1. it helped me stop thinking my body and what it does is gross
  2. it makes me feel like an environmental superhero (Seven years worth of disposable product is a lot, friends!)
  3. it saves money
  4. it saves my husband from emergency tampon-trips
  5. my vagina loves it

My pal Brandee is a new DivaCup user and also enthusiastic. Check out what she has to say about it on her blog.

So here’s your chance to give it a try, risk-free! DivaCup will provide prize packs to three lucky Truthfully readers. This giveaway is for both the curious and the cringy. Yeah—you in the back! I see you scrunching up your face. It’s time to shift your thinking and give your body the Diva love it deserves. I promise you won’t regret it. Lookit that face up there: TOTALLY TRUSTWORTHY, right?

Here are the four simple things you need to do to enter the giveaway draw:

  1. Leave a comment telling me why you’re either terrified or giddy to try the DivaCup
  2. Like DivaCup on Facebook
  3. Like Truthfully on Facebook
  4. Tweet or share this (or your own crafty version) on your Facebook wall: I got my brave on and entered to win a DivaCup prize pack from Truthfully, and you can too! http://www.truthfully.ca/2013/10/31/divacup-giveaway

*This giveaway is open to vaginas in Canada and the US. The contest will close on November 8, 2013 at 12:00pm PST.

I’m super excited to welcome you to Team DivaCup. To period bliss!

*This was originally international. My apologies to vaginas outside Canada and the US. I still celebrate you!

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  • Hali MacFarlane Butler

    ok, since this appears to balls out honesty here (okay, maybe not ‘balls’ out, but you know what I mean). Seriously? Sex with a diva cup in? Really? After using one for a short period *ahem* I was far from in love with it. Guess I should give it another go, but found it really frustrating to use in public bathrooms. Any advice?
    P.S. You are so fabulous Shann, sending you a big hug and loads of love!!

    • Shannon Fisher

      HALI! So glad you’re here, friend. It took me some time to fall in love. And we still have our moments, but overall I really love what’s it’s done for my periods and for my body knowledge. I say give it another go!

      As far as public use… I used it at Disneyland once. I just wipe it out with toilet paper and reinsert. It’s for sure messy, but I’ve just gotten used to it. There are these little capsule type cloths you can keep in your purse. They’re compacted and when you wet them they open up. lunapads.com sells them. I haven’t tried them yet, but I do have some. That could help, too!

      LOVE YOU.

  • Stephanie Michelle Hickman

    I’m giddy! The idea that I won’t have to buy tampons every month, take up all my purse space, and contribute so much waste to our already overtaxed landfills is a sigh of relief for me!

    • Shannon Fisher

      Yay for giddy!

  • Caitlin McCloskey

    Using cloth diapers on my daughter has me wondering why I’ve been producing so much monthly waste my post puberty life, not to mention how awful bleached scratchy paper is on my pH. If I can clean a poopy diaper, I think I can handle this!

    • Shannon Fisher

      EXACTLY. High five!

  • Crystal

    I want to become a Diva because it is so much more environmentally friendly! I want to try this so bad!

    • Shannon Fisher

      Wee! Excited for you. :)

  • Adrian Mansion

    I’ve have an extremely heavy flow, I’d be worried I’d sneeze or something and it would end in a messy tidal wave :0

    • Shannon Fisher

      I have a heavy flow, too. I’ve never pushed it out sneezing and I sneeze a lot. And violently. I use my in combination with cloth pads from lunapads.com and it’s a great pairing. Fingers crossed for you!

  • Erica Lawson

    I’m excited at the possibility of not having to use tampons/pads ever again! I have a heavy flow at time & have ruined underwear & sheets by leaking all over the place a night. :-

    • Shannon Fisher

      I loved divorcing tampons. Good riddance! I use my cup with cloth pads from lunapads.com and I’ve had very few accidents. Best of luck!

  • Dawn May

    I have been excited to try the Diva Cup ever since I read about it a year or so ago. Fibromyalgia pain prevents me from using tampons and pads are bulky and expensive. I think the Diva Cup is the perfect solution.

    already liked DivaCup on Facebook

    Liked Truthfully on Facebook

    Tweet sent https://twitter.com/itssoeasy2me/status/398071591189245952

    • Shannon Fisher

      Awesome. Fingers crossed for you, Dawn!

      • Dawn May


  • Jessica Tingley Anderson

    I’ve been wanting to try a diva cup but I don’t know what size to get and don’t want to waste my money getting the wrong size.

    • Shannon Fisher

      How old are you? Have you had kids? They have size recommendations on the site. There’s not a HUGE difference in size. Either will likely work. Give them a call. I’m sure they get that question a lot.

  • Catherine Girard

    Well, I never sees it in my pharmacies and it’s really frustrating that when i don’t have the cash, THAT’S when they have it. Also, i’m afraid to put it wrong and going somewhere to a party or any event and having an ”accident” like getting up and TA-DAA: a big red spot on my pants…haha But I’m very interested in purchasing it because it could be a money saver!!! and saving our planet.

    I would be really glad to win this DivaCup :)

    • Shannon Fisher

      You will figure out all of these things once you start using it, I promise. Best of luck to you!

  • Deanne Erwin

    I would enjoy using the Divacup for environmental reasons and because I’m so curious to how well it works.

    • Shannon Fisher

      Awesome! Great answers. Best of luck!

  • Josée Mathieu

    I’ve been afraid to use it since I know the existence of the Diva Cup. But recently, a friend of mine ran her half-marathon with it and it got me curious! I did my little research and now decided that I wanna join the Diva Cup Club!! I’m now ready !! I’m also now afraid to use tampons with all the discoveries I’ve made…. Yaye!!! Thanks for giving us a great opportunity to try it!! Oh, by the way, I would be a model 2!!! ;-)

    • Shannon Fisher

      Best of luck, Josée!

  • Shelby Irvin

    I’m really excited to become a Diva Girl! As a college student, broke, living in a dorm, and depending on a dining hall for my food, my options for going green are quite limited. Finding and using an alternative to bleached and toxin-ridden tons of tampon waste was already on my mind…. But the Diva Cup will make it easy :) Plus, I discovered an Earth Fare within reach, so no excessive shipping waste will occur, either. Whoop whoop!

    • Shannon Fisher

      Excellent! Best of luck!

  • Rebecca Boersema

    I”m super excited to try the Diva Cup! I’ve been using a Lunette for a while now and I absolutely love it but it’s just a little bit too small for me :( I’ve been wanting to try the Diva Cup but I can’t purchase another cup right now so I’m hoping to win this giveaway! I love not contributing to any more landfills and stuffing my trash can with gross tampons!

    • Shannon Fisher

      The lack of waste is such a plus with the DivaCup. Best of luck!

  • Janell

    When I first saw this several months ago I really thought that it would be a good idea but we are without money and I don’t want to spend what little we have on something that might not work for me so winning this would be amazing to see if it would be worthwhile to spend our money on. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

    • Shannon Fisher

      Fingers crossed for you, Janell. xo

  • leah pickering

    OK- Admission. I use a Diva cup. But I want to win because my sister will NEVER enter on her own. She’s stuck on your #1 reason =D

    • Shannon Fisher

      Hee! You’re a GREAT sister.

  • Cassandra Nolen

    I really would love to test one of these out! I cloth diapered my
    daughter to be good to the environment, and would feel good to get rid
    of the pads and tampons. Also – embarrassed to admit but I am a runner
    and have bad incontinence which is so embarrassing, and I’ve read that
    the diva cup could help with that.

    • Shannon Fisher

      No shame at Truthfully! Fingers crossed for you, Cassandra. xo

  • Theresa Mims

    Oh my goodness! Where do I even begin on why I need to try a Diva girl! Probably the main reason is I am allergic to pads! I break out in blisters and they are so painful i cant even wear underwear once i get them Doesn’t matter the brand shape or anything, pads are a no go! And lately it seems like tampons have been causing a reaction too! So uncomfortale! Makes me want to just have everything taken out and I am only 20!!!

    • Shannon Fisher

      Oh this sounds awful! I use my cup paired with cloth pads from lunapads.com. Best of luck to you, Theresa!

      • Theresa Mims

        Oh it is! Thank you, Shannon!

  • Elizabeth Lea Barnes

    money saver but scarred as can be!!

  • Adina H.

    I’m terrified because I don’t even use tampons (never have).

    • Adina H.

      I also liked and tweeted

  • Victoria Fox

    I have never heard of these in all my years of bleeding to death! I’m nervous and paranoid and excited all at the same time!

  • Mai Harnett

    I’m intrigued by the Divacup…but I am terrified of the Carrie-esque moment my toilet would have upon removing that sucker at the end of the day.

  • Sarah Cook

    I’ve been thinking of switching to the Diva Cup for several months now. I have extremely heavy periods and go through a large box of tampons AND another half of one per period. I don’t have insurance so I can’t afford the treatment my doctor wants me to get to help with my flow. I’m terrified of trying something new because … well, because it’s something I’m not used to! But I’m giddy with the excitement of getting to learn what all the fuss is about. I have friends who are Diva girls religiously. I’d like to try it out but I’ve been hanging back on buying one because I can’t afford to lose the money if it doesn’t work. Here’s crossing my fingers and hoping that I can win one AND that I can make this my regular go-to period friend!

  • Emily Walker Smith

    I would love to try it. Tampons are so uncomfortable! And pads is such a waste!

  • Rachel Mae Campbell

    I would love to try this and get these harmful toxins OUT of my body forever!

  • Christine

    Angry Vaginas reject dry cotton!
    Diva Cups save my Vagina

  • Karen Yankosky

    Wow, who knew that “period bliss” could be anything other than an oxymoron? I can’t believe I missed this. But should my period ever decide to return, I would definitely be willing to shell out some cash for it, given your endorsement. Speaking of endorsements, former Row-mie, I nominated you for a blogging award thingy. To claim it, all you have to do is send $50,000 to a PO box in Nigeria. You won’t be sorry. http://www.splatospheric.com/another-major-award/

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