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September 6, 2014 | 30 Comments

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I met Brooke this past May in a West Vancouver livingroom packed with real talk, confessions, pizza, Dug the dog, and my very own collection of the most badassest vulvas.

I watched Brooke’s face as she heard — for the first time — the well-worn stories of our group. Stories we’ve told only to each other. Stories she absorbed with head-tilts, cucumber cool, compassion, and her own hilarity.

I loved her immediately.

When she messaged me the next morning, “You were AMAZING last night. More hangs soon, please!” I couldn’t remember sleeping with her, so I assumed she was referring to my charm and wit. And I knew were bosoms. I started reading everything she writes and then curling up fetal because why bother ever writing again when such magical brains already exist, right? No silly, run your own fucking marathon, REMEMBER?

When Brooke nominated me to be part of this blog tour, I was in like bathtub gin… in the bathtub. Because gin in the bathtub is really, really in, you guys. It’s kind of embarrassing that you don’t know that.

What am I working on?

All things writing. One of my favouritest clients runs all the conferences on the planet and I cook up workshop descriptions, homepage content, email blasts, and sassy editorial comments in Google docs. I also write for BLUNTMoms, xoJane, the Huffington Post, this place, and more. Ooh, and I was recently invited to submit an article to my favourite industry blog, which made me pee my pants a little.

How does your work differ from other work in its genre?

This is where I say I have no boundaries, I don’t hold back, and I publish the stuff a lot of us only think. And all that’s true, but you can find loads of that style on the internet these days. My special sauce is writing from my unique shape of experiences and beliefs.

My aim is to bring into the light what threatens to grow and strangle in the dark. Those very normal, human experiences that my gremlin brain would have me believe are strange and gross. I write to fight the war on shame.

Why do I write what I do?

When we talk about our shit, we zap its power to paralyze and silence. We make it okay to be messy, imperfect, fumbling, bumbling balls of matter. Our authenticity connects us and reminds us that we belong to each other.

How does your writing process work?

Feel the shame. Spiral. Claw myself to the surface. Get transparent. Wait for the me toos. Watch the shame shrivel. Repeat.

Three (if by three you mean SIX) blogs I recommend:

Ooh tricky! Are these also the blogs I tag to come on tour with us? I wasn’t paying attention in class.

  1. Don’t Lick the Deck by Tara because best name ever. Tara is effortlessly funny and compassionate. I hung out with her a bit this past August and it was like a two-day heart hug. I really like Tara and I’ve been meaning to PM her to tell her as much, but I keep getting distracted by barky things so I’ll do it here, instead. It’s my blog, I’ll gush if I want to, gush if I want to.
  2. Divorced Doula by Pamela because SHE’S THE SHIT THE END. Pam doesn’t fucking mess around and she’s someone you want on your team and I would do anything for her and shotgun on bunking with her in hell. And man can she write—her Facebook posts make me swoon.
  3. Audra Williams by AUDRA WILLIAMS (surprise!) because history. Audra is the first person who ever made me feel like a writer. She snagged me up to write for her lefty feminist eZine back in 1999 after she found me on a list (because there were five of us then) of Canadian online journals (nope, not blogs). She’s the reason I’m shouty and fierce and a lot less ignorant about all the things. She helped me find me under all the layers of childhood/churchy rubble. We’ve had a rocky relationship, and it’s been so worth fighting for.
  4. (Cheating!) The Belle Jar by Anne because fuck that woman is going to change this fucking world if it’s the last fucking thing she does. She doesn’t need my endorsement because she’s kind of a big deal—but if you’re not reading her shit, you’re missing the fuck out. I love her and I’m lucky enough to be loved right back.
  5. (Still cheating!) Free Fringes by Erica because YES. Erica scares me a little, truth be told. I like people who scare me a little because I trust them to be straight with me. I know I’m not being bullshitted when they say the good stuff because I can count on them to say the hard stuff. All that aside, Erica knows the craft of writing and I’m better for watching what she does with words. You will be too—promise.
  6. (Last cheat!) The Cat Lady Sings by Natalie because NEW FRIEND. We shared a real life hug this August and I was delighted to discover that she’s a writer I want to keep my eyes on. I love new friendship and shouty types.

Sarah from est. 1975 started all of this. Go ahead and blame (love) her. And then join the tour. Even if you haven’t been named—I quad dog dare you. UN. HEARD. OF.

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