Wear What Makes You Feel Great

May 7, 2015 | 18 Comments

Shannon smiling in a field holding a blue chuck-it.

Dear Friends Who Wear Clothes,

Wear what makes you feel great. Period the end no more talking.

Ignore those exhausting essays attempting to shame you for your love of maxi dresses, leggings, skinny jeans, bedazzled anything, blue eyeshadow, Crocs, Uggs, sparkly pants, or mismatched socks.

Because you know what those essays are? OPINIONS.

Our value does not lie in the degree to which others can tolerate looking at us. It’s not our duty to be visually pleasing to anyone. Our fashion choices, our bodies, our self-worth are not public property. They are a decision we get to make.

Let’s stop denying each other the agency to dress ourselves. To think for ourselves. To be ourselves. To be enough EXACTLY as we are in our pyjama bottoms, patterned tees, Uggs, and all the blue eyeliner we can pile on.

I love you. Dress on, my friend. Dress. On.


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    A-freaking-men. When I walked out the door this morning for dance class in my leggings and sweatshirt that did not cover my butt, there was that little voice in the back of my head trying to declare, “LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS!” but I ignored it. And you know what? I rocked the hell out of those leggings, in dance class and walking around the city afterwards, and like a koala in the rain, no fucks were given.

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