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January 19, 2016 | 304 Comments

a picture from the knees down of a girl wearing rainbow striped socks

I have a brand new knitting podcast on YouTube as of… nowish.

Don’t ask why the community calls it podcasting when technically it’s video blogging (vlogging). While faulty, it’s also completely adorable. Most things about knitting are.

If you dig into the recesses of the Shannon part of your brain, you’ll remember that 5 years ago I had a makeup channel on YouTube for about 16 seconds. But I could never bring myself to apply makeup on-camera with my shaky, amateur hands. And application techniques were what people want to see. That and how to use Lanacane anti-chafing ointment as a foundation primer. That episode got over to 11,000 views!

I feel like this knitting podcast will stick. I love knitting, I don’t feel like an impostor in the community, talking about it gets my heart humming, and I almost always have something on my needles. Being part of a community makes me a better so-and-so. I’ve gained gobs of skills since joining my knitting club two years ago. I’m taking an improv class and learning how to be a more open, playful human. I just finished up a short story course that sharpened my writing game.

Learning is sparkly. Doing it with a community is downright radiant.

See you on the Tube!

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