Shannon Fisher and daughter

I’ve written on the web since 1998 when you could make a grilled cheese sandwich before your page loaded. Here, I write about vulnerability, courage and mental health. At the Republic of Quality I have the entire web on a spreadsheet. Before content strategy, I spent nine years teaching small humans.

I stumbled onto the world of online journalling—as we called it then—during a search for scrapbook journalling. My discovery was more fascinating than paper journals found in nightstands while babysitting.

As a chronic over-sharer, the idea of having space on the internet was better than squeeze cheese.

I blogged through marrying a pastor, finding the courage to attend college after years of believing I was too stupid to learn, having a baby halfway through my Bachelor of Education degree, leaving the faith I wrestled for over 20 years, fighting the darkness of depression, and into the present.

In the present I’ve quit teaching to start a business as a writer and a content strategist.

These days I blog about the things that make me feel isolated when I live them alone.

I write for the me toos.

I write to fight the war on shame.

My writing has been featured on HuffPo, xoJane, Good Men Project, BLUNTMoms and more. Have a peek at my portfolio.